Staffing Agency Recruiter Certification

Staffing Agency Recruiter Certification

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Who is this for?
The Staffing Agency Recruiter Certification is designed for existing and aspiring staffing agency recruiters that want to enhance their recruiting and selling skills. Get more clients, candidates and fees! If you want to be a top biller this is the programme for you.

A recruiter in a staffing agency needs to be part marketer, investigator, matchmaker, negotiator, seller and biller. All of this often without any significant amount of training. Expectations and demands to perform are high but often resources are low. This programme will educate you on best practice in all facets of your job and give you a clear path to success and higher billings.

Delivered in themes or objectives which we call "Missions", this course is presented in short and easily consumed bite sized videos. Learn from leading industry experts to teach you everything you need to know to successfully lead a recruitment team. You will get 12 months access to the content and be able to rewatch the course as many times as you need. Access the learning via our easy to use platform, available  on desktop and mobile.

Your hiring experts: Click for BIO's

  • José Kadlec
  • Johnny Campbell
  • Holly Fawcett
  • Katrina Kibben
  • Greg Savage 

Outcomes for you:

  • Increased quality and quantity of job applications using proven marketing techniques.
  • Ability to source ideal candidates from any database - your ATS, CV/resume sites, LinkedIn, and other social networks.
  • Ways to communicate with passive talent that actually gets them to respond and progress forward for the role.
  • Increased billings
  • More clients 
  • Higher fees

Duration: Online self-paced approx.15 hours