Sourcing Specialist Certification - AKA The Blackbelt in Internet Recruitment

Sourcing Specialist Certification - AKA The Blackbelt in Internet Recruitment

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Who is this for?
This course is perfect for sourcers, or those who are tasked with proactively finding the critical talent that their organisation needs to be successful. If you want to learn or enhance your technical skills in online headhunting, become a Boolean master, or to find anyone for any job, anywhere, then this is the certification for you.

Sourcing talent online can be a long and inefficient task if you don't know where to search, how to search, and how to engage with the talent that you find. Building core sourcing skills is essential. Avoid wasting hours uncovering the same results while someone else finds the great talent your company needs.

Delivered in themes or objectives which we call "Missions", this course is presented in short and easily consumed bite-sized videos. Learn from leading industry experts to teach you everything you need to know to successfully and effectively source. You will get 12 months access to the content and be able to rewatch the course as many times as you need. Access the learning via our easy-to-use platform, available on desktop and mobile.

Your hiring experts:

  • Johnny Campbell
  • José Kadlec
  • Holly Fawcett 
  • Martin Lee
  • Mark Lundgren

Outcomes for you:

  • Become a Boolean expert
  • Learn how to search different databases from LinkedIn to GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook and many more.
  • Find contact details quickly
  • Become a strategic sourcer
  • Improve your sourcing processes and methodologies
  • Improve your response rates

Duration: Online self-paced Approx.15 Hours