Technical Recruiter

Technical Recruiter

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Who is this for?

This course is technical recruiters or wannabe technical recruiters!


Tech talent is in such high demand that candidates are bombarded by outreaches from recruiters. It is not enough to source and recruit from tech talent without knowing the intricacies of the different forms of software development, the language they use, how and where they communicate. You need to know your backend from frontend and how to talk to both candidates and hiring managers in a confident manner. This content will turn you from a great recruiter to a great tech recruiter.



Delivered in themes or objectives which we call "Missions", this course is presented in short and easily consumed bite sized videos. Learn from leading industry experts to teach you everything you need to know to successfully lead a recruitment team. You will get 12 months access to the content and be able to rewatch the course as many times as you need. Access the learning via our easy to use platform, available  on desktop and mobile.

Your Hiring Experts: Click for Bios

  • Alison Daley
  • Morgan Whaley
  • Jules Monza
  • Catherine Shyu
  • Khalid Hamza
  • Jose Kadlek
  • Katrina Kibben


Outcomes for you:

  • You will learn how to have credible conversations with developers and Hiring Managers on the various elements of software development
  • Learn how to engage with, talk to and interview tech talent
  • Source the very best tech talent in a highly productive way

Duration: Online self-paced Approx.15 Hours


Technical Recruiting with the Alignment Framework - Alison Daley
Frontend developer: Deep dive on a technical role, with Morgan Whaley
UX designer: Deep dive on a technical role, with Jules Monza
Product manager: Deep dive on a technical role, with Catherine Shyu
Backend developer: Deep dive on a technical role, with Khalid Hamza
DevOps: Deep dive on a technical role, with Stephanie Ngufor
Practical Sourcing Lab: Technical IT Role Example - Jose Kadlek
Sourcing Effectiveness and Productivity: Benchmarking and Analysing Your Sourcing Process - Jose Kadlek
Sourcing Like a Spy: Advanced Sourcing Techniques for Truly Passive Talent - Jose Kadlek
Sourcing Productivity: Using Automation in Workflows - Jose Kadlek
Engaging Talent - Holly Fawcett
Overcoming LinkedIn Search Limitations - Jose Kadlek
How to Write Amazing Job Posts - Katrina Kibben